Healthy Eating

Our Healthy Eating Policy

Encouraging healthy eating is important for us at Bamboo Kids. We want all our children to be strong and develop healthy bodies. As such our child are provided with nutritious meals that ensure they have good immunity, strong bones and good physical and mental health. Healthy eating ensures that our children are energised and in a positive mood ready for learning and play. Our tailored menu is in place to provide a variety of wholesome, colourful and fun food for ages 0 to 5. Encouragement is given by our staff in fun and exciting ways. Mealtimes are exciting as the children get involved in helping to set up the table, assist in making their own food and have fun describing the textures and taste of their food in funny ways.

Our healthy eating policy is available for further reading on how we promote healthy eating at Bamboo Kids. 

Download our healthy eating policy

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